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These files can be in compressed ZIP format at ingest, however, they may not exceed two 2 GB in size. Any individual file uploaded to the repository must be under 4GB, though any uploads over 2GB, and some below that threshold, may be slow or stall due to variables outside of TDL's control. Please email if you having trouble uploading files. If you have files over 4GB, we will consider support options on a case by case basis and in consultation with your Institutional TDR liaison. Please see and for more specific information on data set and metadata formats.

Texas Data Repository provides basic, bit-level preservation through fixity checks and secure backup of deposited content (See also Information Security). Further and more in-depth digital preservation activities and services must be provided by a digital preservation program at the institution where the research data was originally generated.


The TDL has an official backup strategy that requires all digital content to be:

  • copied nightly with versioning and kept for one year (individual files); and
  • copied nightly as a snapshot and kept for one month (entire service).the copy of the data residing on the production server, which is an Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume;
  • nightly snapshots that can be used to restore the entire service to a particular date within the preceding month;
  • and one snapshot from each month, retained for one year. 

The TDL systems also provide security services key to basic digital preservation, namely access control, network monitoring and protection, encryption, and system updates (see Information Security Policy). There are currently no institutional limitations to the overall quantity of data that can be stored on TDL servers, only limitations on the size of individual files (4 GB) uploaded via the Texas Data Repository application and a recommendation for datasets not to exceed 10GB.