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  • Outreach to Dataverse software adopters. Use the data provided to the TDR liaison in reports to reach out (thank you notes, etc) to researchers to strengthen relationships and to recruit.
  • Create targeted, discipline-specific guidance, metadata recommendations and DMPTool templates for researchers
  • Documentation and training materials refresh (2021-22) (especially for the adjectival changes to 'dataverse')
  • Annual activities:
    • Present on/promote the repository at a minimum 3 conferences (disciplinary and library)
      • add annual info about this to annual report template
    • Webinar series or in-person event 
      • continue Webinar series (relatively 2 per term)
  • Carpentries cohort continuance (branding, future training, etc)

Larger datasets 

Datasets >10GB


  • Ongoing
    • R
    • GeoBlacklight
    • Previewers
  • Consider and prioritize
    • ORCiD -
    • OJS - site growing number of journal datasets in Dataverse - consider engaging PKP
    • DSpace - await stable release (linking publications with their data)
    • Vireo - await stable release
    • Software containers
      • WholeTale or Code Ocean
      • Docker
    • OSF (follow the lead of the UVA work)


  • sensitive data
    • Carpentries curriculum building


deprecated Public TDR Roadmap and Annual Activities