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Table of Contents

Creating a Community or Sub-community

  • Login to Repository
  • Decide where you want your proposed community or sub-community to be located in the repository hierarchy
    • Communities and sub-communities are useful for organizing content within your repository, but they do not actually hold items - collections hold items. Think through the architecture for your content before creating any communities, sub-communities, or collections as it can be difficult to change things after you’ve started adding content.
    • See Relationships in DSpace for more information about the DSpace repository hierarchy
  • Navigate to the appropriate location in the hierarchy
  • If you are adding a top-level community, you should only see one option for Create Community


  • If you are adding a sub-community, go to the higher level community (where you want your sub-community to be listed) and then click on Create Sub-community. After doing that, the instructions are the same as adding a new community.

Creating a Collection

  • Login to Repository
  • Navigate to the community or sub-community where you want to add your collection
  • Click Create Collection under CONTEXT in the right-hand navigation bar