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  • Can this role review and modify submissions?  - Yes
  • Is the Settings tab (next to List and View tabs) visible to this role? Yes
  • If so, are the subtabs of Application, Workflow Management, and Organization visible to this role? Yes
  • If so, can this role open each section of the Application tab beginning with Submission Availability?  Yes
  • Can this role change roles of others?   Yes, excluding Admin. Go to Settings, Application, Who Has Access and try to change a Manager, Reviewer or Student role.  You should not be able to change an Admin role.   Correct
  • Can this role open each section of the Workflow Management (subtab of Settings) beginning with Organization Settings?  Yes
  • If so, can this role edit or create new controlled vocabularies?   Open the "Controlled Vocabulary Management" section and click on "Add Controlled Vocabulary"  Does a new window pop up?  Yes. If so, click Cancel to close. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Controlled Vocabulary Section.  In the table, click on the pencil icon to edit something.  Done
  • DO NOT EDIT anything in the Metadata Keys section of Workflow Management. 
  • Can this role open the Organization subtab of Settings?  Yes
  • Confirm that the Institution link under the "Organizations and Workflows" heading is grayed out. - No.  Issue #1111

The following tasks are for documentation.  Volunteers will compare specific documentation from Vireo 3 and compare how it applies to the Vireo 4 experience.  The updates needed can be provided by screenshots, edited text, or by any other effective means.