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TimeObjectiveLeadDetails and Resource Links
8AM - 845Breakfast and Nesting

8:45 - 9:15Welcome and Introductions Courtney Mumma (TDL), Kristi Park (TDL) and Sibyl Schaefer (UCSD)The project leads will review the agenda and go over logistics. Then, we will ask for introductions: Provide your name, institution, and interest in this project.
9:15 - 10:00

Presentation: Overview of the Investigation

Q&A (15 min)

Courtney and Hesam Andalib (GRA, UT Austin)

Moderator - Kristi Park

Link to slides and shared notes document (PDF of shared notes)

PI Courtney Mumma and GRA Hesam Andalib will summarize the problem we are trying to address with this planning grant, describe the project partners and their roles, outline our methodology, and discuss potential outcomes.

Meeting participants will have opportunity for Q&A with the project leads.

10-10:30Small Groups: Use Cases for Private and Sensitive Data PreservationModerator - Courtney Mumma

Link to Confluence use cases gathered so far 

Small groups will discuss use cases in which various types of private and sensitive content should be preserved in a distributed network as well as any perceived barriers to doing so. Each group should pick one or more use cases to determine the most likely challenges an institution might have when trying to preserve that set of content.

Participants will be in groups, with remote attendees forming one group.

Materials provided: pens, sticky notes, white boards and markers.

10:30-10:45Health Break and Group Photo

10:45 - 11:15Use Case Report Out and Group Discussion

Moderator - Sibyl Schaefer

Whiteboarder - Kristi

Each small group will summarize their discussions to the whole group. Then, together, we'll use the materials provided and white boards to classify and prioritize them.
11:15- 12PMPresentation: Current state of agreements in DDP networks and private and sensitive data storage servicesCourtney and Hesam

Link to slides and DDP service agreements on Confluence

This presentation will include a review of where and what kind of agreements are in place for existing DDP networks (Chronopolis, TDL Digital Preservation Services, APTrust, DuraCloud). Such connections include agreements between infrastructure nodes as well as service contracts and agreements that enable DDP networks to function.

Additionally, we'll review the agreements, policies and procedures that allow TACC and SDSC to accept private and sensitive data.

We'll conclude this discussion by asking the group about what is missing in this investigation and what roadblocks related to contracting for services have you experienced at your institution?

12 - 1Lunch (provided)

1 - 3:15

Facilitated Discussion: Identify Elements of a DDP network for Private and Sensitive Data

(health breaks as needed)

Kristi, Sibyl, Courtney

We will outline components of a service model, including a service proposition; key actors in design and governance; user interaction; technology and human resources needed for service delivery; associated costs; and metrics for evaluating performance.

Breakouts discussing and providing collective feedback about:

  • Technical Infrastructure
    • Where are there gaps in the existing DDP infrastructure or anticipated problems?
  • Potential Service Models
    • What are the elements of good governance for this type of service? What does not work?
    • Who are the stakeholders and what are their roles? 
  • Potential Cost Models
    • Where are the costs to consider? What are the potential models? (How do you want to pay?, etc.)

3:15 - 3:45ClosingCourtney MummaSummarize the day and outline objectives for the remainder of the grant term.