General Information

What is the Texas Data Repository?
What is Dataverse?
What’s the difference between a dataverse and a dataset? 
Who is behind this project?
What is the Texas Digital Library?
How do I know if my institution is participating in TDR?
How do I get started? 
Why should I deposit data in the Texas Data Repository?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to deposit data, including?

Policies and Data Basics

What kind of data can I deposit?
What format should I use to provide access to my data?
How large can datasets be?
What are the options for access to my data and licensing
What will it cost me to deposit data?
I have data that contains identifiable information about human subjects. Can I add it to the repository? 

Sharing and Publishing Data

How can I share my data with colleagues without making the data public?
What if someone I want to share my data with someone who doesn’t have a user account in TDR?