Accessible A/V

A group of TDL members working in A/V collections came together to collaborate on accessibility practice. The group put together a webinar series consisting of 2 webinars culminating towards a Birds of a Feather at TCDL 2022.

Steering Group (Winter 2021 - Summer 2022)

John Bondurant, Texas A&M University

Kristin Clark, Texas Woman’s University

Joe Dobbs, University of Texas at Austin

Mirko Hanke, University of Texas at Austin

William Hicks, University of North Texas

Daniel Jacobs, University of Texas at Austin

Melissa Morrow, Texas Tech University

Courtney Mumma, Texas Digital Library

Kristi Park, Texas Digital Library

Mark Phillips, PhD, University of North Texas

Rachel Sale, PhD, South Texas College

Emily Vinson, University of Houston