TDL OJS User Group Charter


  • The TDL OJS User Group works to create an active community among TDL’s users of the Open Journal System hosting service in the following ways:

    • By facilitating mutual support among library managers of the OJS hosting service, including the sharing of resources about library publishing policies and good practices

    • By facilitating better communication between TDL staff and libraries using this service

    • By identifying areas of work that could be undertaken by member-led working groups


  • The group has a Chair and Vice Chair/Chair-Elect. 

  • Each position has a one-year term, with the Vice Chair/Chair-Elect becoming Chair.

  • The Chair and Vice Chair are nominated or self-nominated from within the User Group and approved by TDL staff.

  • Texas Digital Library will provide infrastructure for group activities, including web conferencing software and space in our Confluence Wiki.


  • TDL members only.

  • Managers of the OJS service at member libraries, or their designates, are eligible for membership in the group.

  • TDL’s OJS Hosting Service Manager serves as a member of the group.


  • Hold monthly (?) virtual meetings to facilitate discussion and resource-sharing among libraries utilizing the OJS hosting service.

  • Other potential activities, to be determined by the group, could include:

    • Work with TDL to establish better-documented policies and procedures related to the hosted service

    • Gather library policies and practices from members re: library publishing using OJS.

    • Establish a study group to go through the LPC’s Library Publishing Curriculum or PKP’s OJS Training.

    • Investigate benefits of LPC membership for TDL.


Established: December 2019