Procedure for Liaison Usage of the Training Dataverse repository for Workshops

This procedure describes how to assure that the training Dataverse repository of the TDR is effective and available for TDR liaison's training and outreach efforts. 

The training Dataverse repository for the TDR is active M-F from 7:30AM until 5:30PM.

The TDL retains for use by liaisons and staff in outreach and training of new users, as well as testing of new Dataverse software releases by liaisons prior to production upgrades. When a liaison is planning to use the training Dataverse repository for a workshop or training of more than a couple users, TDL recommends the following procedure:

  1. Liaison creates a Helpdesk ticket at at least ONE week in advance of the workshop with the following information:
    1. Date and Time of the event
    2. Estimated number of attendees
    3. Estimated number of files uploaded and largest file size. TDL requests keeping any sample data well under 1GB.
      1. Harvard has create an open sample data repository here:
  2. TDL staff will update integral staff via the Helpdesk ticket and an internal TDL calendar invitation for the date and time of the event so they may be on alert during the training to avoid any issues which may interrupt a successful workshop.
  3. During the workshop, please use to report any issues. As long as the TDL was notified in advance of the workshop, a TDL sysadmin will prioritize the ticket to facilitate continuation of a successful workshop.
  4. After the workshop, use the Helpdesk or email the TDR steering committee listserv and/or your TDR representative from TDL to let us know how it went and what, if anything, we can do better next time!