2018-11-12 Meeting notes


Nov 12, 2018



  • James Creel

  • Christopher Starcher

  • @Stephanie Larrison (Unlicensed)

  • @Kristi Park

  • @frank smutniak

  • @Billie Peterson-Lugo (Unlicensed)


  • @Courtney C. Mumma

  • Doug Hahn

  • Michael Bolton


  • Planning meeting for Vireo 4 final push - January - February 2019

Discussion items











  • Howdy and Hi

5 minutes

Old business - anything from last sprints to follow up on?

Kristi, Stephanie

  • Anything Stephanie needs to approve in the Done column of Waffl.io?

  • Issues 870 (committee member role types) and 907 (AND/OR logic for combining filters) moved from Inbox to Next in Waffl.io. High priority for next sprint

  • Frank will move 711 to DONE. Has open PR


Overview of remaining development tasks

Review TDL Development schedule for 2019

Discuss TAMU Development Schedule


Kristi, TAMU Team

  • TDL Roadmap has Vireo 4 dev from Jan - Feb 2019

  • Migration strategy (Kristi and Courtney will work on the details of migration, including if institutions have to migrate or if TDL will continue to support Vireo 3 and allow institutions to make a choice)

  • Overview of remaining development tasks

    • 41 open issues

    • 870 (committee member role types) and 907

      • James questions use case for 870, given changes to workflow. Could this be accommodated through existing functionality in Vireo 4?

    • Controlled vocabularies with associated email – not sure how those are supposed to work; are these linked to email rules? Not currently, and ability to create 'administrative groups” a la Vireo 3 is not present. Would be expensive to add this requirement in at this point.

      • Email rules Recipient Options: committee chair, student, assignee, non-chair committee members, organization

      • Decision: No development on this at this time, pending feedback from VUG testers.

  • TAMU - 3 week sprint - could do at least one major sprint in Jan-February

  • Chris Starcher - same

  • Probably at least a couple of sprints to complete open issues.

  • Migration strategy

    • Caveat: Vireo 1-3 never intended as a repository, but here we are.

    • James proposal:

      • Compel upgrade to Vireo 3

      • For migration to Vireo 4: Only move submissions and put them at top-level hierarchy. Come over to

        • Don’t migrate users, email rules

        • Could not move to a different hierarchy post migration, but wouldn’t need to. (Hierarchies don’t control much on the admin side.)

    • Questions about above proposal:

      • Would logs come over if we did this? Action logs are in SOLR. Important to bring over. Action logs are an entity in the db so could be migrated.

      • Not migrating users. Would submission assignments get lost? Yes. Would student user still be connected to their in-process submission? No.

    • Decision: need to migrate submissions and users.

      • This would leave out settings, email rules.

      • Will have to be a freeze on new submissions until new Vireo is set up.

      • Need to provide instructions/checklist for which settings to revisit/copy over.

      • Opportunity for user/institution to start fresh with how their Vireo is configured. This is how Baylor looked at their recent ILS migration.

    • Remaining questions: What does the migration tool need to look like?

      • command line tool? something fancy on a web page with a progress bar?

      • should script include command to delete-upon-migration, so that records moved to Vireo 4 would no longer exist in the Vireo 3 instance; would reduce risk of duplication

      • SQL -to-SQL transformation or an XML export/import? SQL if we can muster it.


VUG-SC Testing Plan


  • Texas State local review of the dev docs

  • SC meeting on Nov 29 to divvy up work for end user documentation.

  • Video transcripts and existing documentation copied over into Confluence. Goal is to complete first draft by end of Feb.

  • Stephanie will reach out to sys admin at Tx State to test deployment docs.


Another Community Sprint?


  • TDL to set date in Dec/Jan

  • Vireo Community Sprints Confluence

  • Lessons learned, changes to make for next one

  • Suggestions

    • Have a list of “easy” or “starter” tasks

    • Community sprint after a TDL/Texas A&M/TTU

    • shared internal sprint in January/community sprint starting first week of February


Training and Documentation


  • Reserved Longhorn room at Pickle on Tuesday, May 21, from 8am-12pm for half day of Vireo 4 Changes training geared towards Vireo 3 users/admins, not new Vireo users

  • TDL-hosted webinar following - recorded and shared (use transcripts from original)

  • Space in Confluence https://texasdigitallibrary.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/VUG/overview


Wrap up



Action items

James will review DONE column today/tomorrow and get back to Stephanie with any follow-ups.
Frank will review whether PR was merged and alert slack channel if not.