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  • TDL staff member will act as a liaison / point of contact for your event promotion and/or sponsorship.

    • This staff member will report out to TDL staff and leadership about your group’s activities and field requests between your group and our staff.

  • Finalize text and images; adjust formatting for promotional materials as needed.

  • Promote on social media, member forum, e-newsletter, and, in the case of sponsorship, on our events calendar. Additionally, if you have physical promotional materials, you can bring them to the registration at TCDL.

  • Optional: Depending on our content calendar and needs, we may not be able to promote your event in our e-newsletter.


  • Collaboration:

    • Email

    • Meeting(s): web or phone conferences as needed

    • Shared documents in Google Drive

  • Logistics:

  • Promotional channels:

    • TDL website (if sponsorship_

    • TDL listserv and e-newsletter

    • TDL social media

    • TDL Member Forum

    • Optional: Partner / collaborator / presenter promotional channels

Complete our call for content form when you are ready to get started. Email if you have any questions.