WHAT | Texas Digital Library invites members and community partners to share your events for promotion as well as request (modest) sponsorships.

WHEN | We have no specific deadline, but keep in mind that TDL submits an annual budget for board approval in June of each year. If you know you have an event coming up, the sooner you ask the better.

WHERE | Events will be promoted via our promotional channels (see below). We only promote TDL hosted or sponsored events on our events calendar at

WHEN YOU’RE READY | Please read through the sections below then complete our call for content form when you are ready to get started. Email if you have any questions.


  • TDL reserves the right to make changes to your promotional requests for clarity and length.

  • Event sponsorships require an application. See below for a link to apply.

  • If a sponsorship is awarded, TDL will follow up with a request for an invoice.

TDL will:

  • TDL staff member will act as a liaison / point of contact for your event promotion and/or sponsorship.

    • This staff member will report out to TDL staff and leadership about your event and sponsorship requests and field requests between you and our staff.

  • Finalize text and images; adjust formatting for promotional materials as needed.

  • Promote on social media, member forum, e-newsletter, and, in the case of sponsorship, on our events calendar. Additionally, if you have physical promotional materials, you can bring them to the registration at TCDL.

  • Optional: Depending on our content calendar and needs, we may not be able to promote your event in our e-newsletter.

Collaborator(s) will:


  • Announcements / promotional items

    • Submit as Word documents or links to Google Docs.

    • Length can vary; 300-500 words is a good rule of thumb.

    • You are encouraged to include links in your document.

    • Please check spelling and grammar before submitting.

  • Images

    • Send as separate files, not embedded in the document.

    • Indicate your preferred placement of images in your text and we will do our best to accommodate.

    • Please send hi-res / largest files size possible.


  • Collaboration:

    • Email

    • Meeting(s): web or phone conferences as needed

    • Shared documents in Google Drive

  • Logistics:

  • Promotional channels:

    • TDL website (if sponsorship_

    • TDL listserv and e-newsletter

    • TDL social media

    • TDL Member Forum

    • Optional: Partner / collaborator / presenter promotional channels


Complete our call for content form when you are ready to get started. Email if you have any questions.