WHAT | Texas Digital Library invites members to share announcements and stories via our blog.

WHEN | We have no specific deadline, but keep in mind that TDL publishes our e-newsletter every other month. Our newsletter schedule is as follows: Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/June, July/Aug, Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec. Our newsletter contains links to blog posts, is sent to 1,000+ subscribers, and usually drops on the last Tuesday of the month.


WHEN YOU’RE READY | Please read through the sections below then complete our call for content form when you are ready to get started. Email if you have any questions.


  • Posts are published on TDL’s website. Wordpress is our content management system.

  • TDL reserves the right to make changes to your content for clarity and length. We also reserve the right to repurpose your content for other promotional uses.

TDL will:

  • TDL staff member will act as a liaison / point of contact for your blog post.

    • This staff member will report out to TDL staff and leadership about your idea and field requests between your group and our staff.

  • Finalize text and images; adjust formatting as needed.

  • Develop graphics if needed.

  • Publish on TDL blog and send link to author.

  • Promote on social media.

  • Optional: Depending on our content calendar and needs, we may not be able to publish your blog post in our e-newsletter.

Collaborator(s) will:


  • Announcements / stories

    • Submit as Word documents or links to Google Docs.

    • Length can vary; 300-500 words is a good rule of thumb.

    • You are encouraged to include links in your document.

    • Please check spelling and grammar before submitting.

  • Images

    • Send as separate files, not embedded in the document.

    • Indicate your preferred placement of images in your text and we will do our best to accommodate.

    • Please send hi-res / largest files size possible.


  • Collaboration:

    • Email

    • Meeting(s): web or phone conferences as needed

    • Shared documents in Google Drive

  • Logistics:


  • Promotional channels:

    • TDL website

    • TDL listserv and e-newsletter

    • TDL social media

    • TDL Member Forum

    • Optional: Partner / collaborator / presenter promotional channels


Complete our call for content form when you are ready to get started. Email if you have any questions.