WHAT | Texas Digital Library, in collaboration with / addition to members and partners, develops content for webinars.

WHEN | TDL aims for no more than one webinar each month. View the TDL Events Calendar to see upcoming webinars.

WHERE | TDL uses Zoom

WHEN YOU’RE READY | Please read through the sections below then complete our call for content form when you are ready to get started. Email info@tdl.org if you have any questions.


  • Collaborators may propose a stand-alone webinar or a webinar series.

  • Typical webinar length is one hour: approx 45-50 min presentation w/ 10-15 minutes for live Q&A.

  • Webinars may be co-hosted with one or two other institutions in addition to yours and TDL. 

  • Webinar can run concurrent w/ a live Twitter session.

  • Webinars using Zoom

    • Users will need to set up a free Zoom account or use an institutional Zoom account. Here is a link to set up a free account: https://zoom.us/freesignup

    • Must have access to a microphone or use your computer audio. Camera is not required but is preferred.

TDL will:

  • TDL staff member will act as a liaison / point of contact for your webinar / series.

    • This staff member will report out to TDL staff and leadership about your webinar(s) and field requests between you and our staff.

  • At least one TDL staff member will attend and record the webinar(s), as well as assist with Q&A if need be.

  • Schedule the webinar(s) (i.e. send calendar invitation to presenters and other stakeholders).

  • Produce the webinar(s) using Zoom.

    • This entails creating intro and outro slides to bookend presentation(s) and reviewing the final slide deck(s) for formatting issues.

  • Coordinate as many dress rehearsals as needed.

  • Set up a registration form for webinar(s) (NOTE: Registrations will be free).

  • Develop a graphic if needed.

  • Set up a landing page on tdl.org.

  • Create an event(s) on our events calendar.

  • Communicate with registrants (reminders, follow up links, etc.).

  • Promote webinar(s) in marketing emails, social media, and via our monthly forum.

  • Record and caption the webinar(s) if recording is deemed necessary.

  • Publish your slides and other materials in our DSpace repository.

  • Publish the webinar(s) on YouTube.

    • If a series, we will organize the webinars into a Playlist.

  • Follow up with presenters and attendees of each webinar via email w/ survey, link to webinar recording, and link to presentation/materials in DSpace.

  • Share above links on social media. Update webinar landing page on TDL web site.

  • Optional: A TDL staff member may be able to MC if need be / applicable and assist with facilitation of Q&A.

Collaborator(s) will:

  • Submit ideas / content via the call for content form or email Texas Digital Library at info@tdl.org.

  • Coordinate with TDL staff liaison to develop topic, curate presenters, schedule presenters, and with general follow up.

  • Develop content (see following section).

  • Present or designate a presenter for the webinar(s). Introduce presenter and facilitate Q&A.

  • Develop or obtain promotional language and images for webinar(s) (i.e. brief program description, bio of the presenter, photos, etc.).

  • Optional: Promote your webinar(s) at a member forum and / or via social media. Facilitate Twitter session that runs concurrently with your webinar(s).

  • Encouraged:


  • Preferred: Presentation in PPT or Google Slides format on your topic; must be delivered to TDL staff liaison at least 3 hours before the webinar.

    • This presentation will be exported as PDF to be shared with attendees and published in TDL’s DSpace repository after the webinar.

  • Optional: Examples of materials you’ve created for your campus (LibGuides, documentation, outreach materials, presentations, etc). We can deposit materials in our repository if need be.


  • Collaboration:

    • Emails and calendar invitations 

    • Meeting(s): web or phone conferences as needed

    • Shared documents in Google Drive

  • Logistics:

    • Zoom meeting / webinar, including registration link

  • Promotional channels:

    • TDL website (will create landing page for event and add to our events calendar) 

    • TDL member forums

    • TDL email (listservs, Mail Chimp)

    • TDL social media

    • Optional: Partner / collaborator / presenter promotional channels

  • Follow up:

    • Email (listservs, Mail Chimp)

      • Google form for post-webinar survey (shared via email)

      • TDL YouTube for hosting captioned recordings (link shared via email)

      • TDL DSpace

    • TDL social media (promoting recorded webinars)


Example webinar series Topics in Research Data Management

Example single webinar Lifelong Learning and Linked Data


Complete our call for content form when you are ready to get started. Email info@tdl.org if you have any questions.