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The following describes the various roles that a liaison might choose for their researchers depending on how much control they'd like over their institution's dataverseDataverse repository.

  • As an Administrator 
    • With permissions for researchers set to Researcher.
      • This is just a basic user account that lets a user do things like request access to a restricted file. But any other permissions, like the ability to add a dataset or a dataverseDataverse collection, have to be explicitly granted by the Administrator.
      • This is the most restrictive option.
    • With default permissions for researchers logging into your Institutional Dataverse repository being Dataset Creator.
      • The Dataset Creator role means a user can by default add datasets to the institutional dataverse institutional Dataverse repository and submit them for review, but they cannot publish them. The liaison, as Administrator, will have to review them and approve them for publication, and also explicitly grant them permission to create their own Dataverse sub-dataversescollections.
    • With permissions for researchers set to Dataverse+Dataset Creator. 
      • This is similar to Researcher Full Service (see below), except that datasets submitted directly to the institutional dataverse institutional Dataverse repository must be approved for publication by the Administrator (the TDR liaison).
      • This offers a middle ground between Researcher Full Access and Dataset Creator.
    • Researcher Full Service
      • This includes the ability to add and publish datasets directly at the institutional dataverse Dataverse repository level, and to create their own Dataverse sub-dataverses collections within the insitutional dataverse institutional Dataverse repository (over which they have full control).
      • This is the most permissive option.