Roles in the Texas Data Repository

The Dataverse software underlying the Texas Data Repository (TDR), manages permissions to different parts of the repository through "roles."

Depending on your own role in relations to a Dataverse collection or dataset in the repository, you may be able to assign roles to other users. The chart below describes the roles available in the repository and the permissions assigned to each. For a description of how liaisons can set up their own Institutional Dataverse repository permissions in the TDR, see Liaison Administration Options













A person who manages the Dataverse collection, including assigning permissions to the Dataverse collection.

Can also add Dataverse sub-collections and datasets and edit/publish/deaccession datasets submitted to the Dataverse collection.

ContributorFor datasets submitted to the Dataverse collection, a person who can edit License + Terms, and then submit them for review. (Cannot publish datasets).Yes


CuratorFor datasets submitted to the Dataverse collection, a person who can edit License + Terms, edit Permissions, and publish datasets.YesYes
Dataverse Collection + Dataset CreatorA person who can add Dataverse sub-collections and datasets within a Dataverse collection. Datasets submitted to the Dataverse collection are "submitted for review." An Administrator or Curator for the Dataverse collection must approve and publish (or return to the author). If a user with this role creates their own Dataverse collection, they will have the ability to publish dataset within that Dataverse sub-collection.YesNo
Dataverse Collection CreatorA person who can add Dataverse sub-collection within a Dataverse collection. The user can then add (and publish) datasets within that Dataverse sub-collection. Does NOT have permissions to add datasets to the parent Dataverse collection.YesNo
File DownloaderA person who can download a file (including unpublished files).YesYes
MemberA person who can view both unpublished Dataverse collections and datasets, and download files.YesYes

Other notes about roles:

  • Users logging in through their institutional authentication systems are assigned to an institutional group in the TDR with permissions specific to that institution. If you have questions about your permissions level, please contact your institutional library contact or the Texas Digital Library Helpdesk.
  • File level permissions are binary. You simply grant (or restrict) access to published files.
  • Any user who creates a Dataverse sub-collection is automatically the Administrator for that Dataverse collection.