Public TDR Roadmap and Annual Activities

This document is a living document which outlines the TDR service development and enhancement priorities of the TDR Steering Committee and the TDL.

Outreach & Training

  • Outreach to Dataverse software adopters. Use the data provided to the TDR liaison in reports to reach out (thank you notes, etc) to researchers to strengthen relationships and to recruit.
  • Expand TDR engagement to include more than one staff person at each institution. Establish mechanism for TDR SC to assist each other with outreach projects and do collective outreach
  • Create targeted, discipline-specific guidance, metadata recommendations and DMPTool templates for researchers
  • Annual activities:
    • Present on/promote the repository at a minimum 3 conferences (disciplinary and library)
      • add annual info about this to annual report template
    • Webinar series or in-person event (Carpentries Project team in 2021)
      • continue Webinar series (relatively 2 per term)

Larger datasets 

Datasets >10TB

  • Define and document recommended data limits per institution
    • TDR WG creating policy and procedures
  • Develop at least one Remote Storage Agent for larger datasets
    • pilot at TACC/UTLibs
    • goal of one complete and one in progress in FY2021
  • Consider payment system for more space


  • Complete Core Trust Seal certification - ongoing
  • Review reports against needs assessment report
  • Google Analytics
  • Annual activities:
    • TCDL report on usage


  • Policy guidance for audio/visual material

System Integrations

  • Consider and prioritize
    • ORCiD
    • OSF (follow the lead of the UVA work)
    • Vireo - await stable release
    • OJS - site growing number of journal datasets in Dataverse - consider engaging OJS group
    • DSpace - await stable release
    • GeoBlacklight 
    • DMPTool
    • WholeTale or Code Ocean
    • R
    • Docker or other software containers


A * indicates work towards the goal in FY2017-18.

A # indicates work towards the goal in FY2018-19

FY 2019/20 completed:

  • Created Assessment and Training & Outreach Standing Committees
  • Establishing a Project Management System (and file naming convention) for our work
  • Confluence documentation tidy-up and re-org including DMPTool language and policy review
  • Designed a new TDR logo
  • Presented on/promoted the repository at several conferences (disciplinary and library)
  • Linked to Dataverse user guides in Confluence TDR user documentation where Harvard’s are more robust 
  • Developing Onboarding Materials for new Steering Committee members
  • Improved assessment tools and reporting
  • Followed Dataverse development towards Making Data Count compliance - implementing Summer 2020 with upgrade to 4.20
  • Assessment - TCDL report on usage
  • Hosted 5 speakers for our Webinar Series

Training researchers

  • Develop training curriculum (data sharing generally and dataverse-specific)*
  • Share resources/slides/experiences*#
  • Create research guide for reuse by TDR institutional members#
  • Create discipline-specific guidance and templates
  • Create more in-depth user guides  and link to Dataverse user guides where Harvard’s are more robust #

Training librarians

  • Dataverse training to develop expertise*#
  • Good data sharing practices and issues that may arise, e.g. rights issues, privacy and restricted data, proper citation.*#
  • Develop training curriculum
    • Workshops#
    • Videos*#
    • Open forum for discussion and questions TBD e.g. Slack, Google groups.*


  • Needs assessment - researchers in institutions
  • Measure the impact of data reuse
  • Audit for optimum repository functionality
  • Identify good assessment tools*#
  • Identify dataverse use metrics*#
  • Data curation and best practices in curation (TXState)

Compile tools and marketing materials for users

  • Collect links to member's existing resources*#
  • Put resources in an open and accessible location*#
  • Create mechanism for member feedback and submission#
  • Compile plans for early-adopter thank you/welcome messages
  • Strategies for intra-campus partnerships (e.g. with grant networks, sponsored projects)#
  • Connect funder requirements with the TDR service. Create language regarding the TDR services to use in data management plans (and for DMPTool templates)*

Support for different use cases

  • Generate/provide example use cases to foresee technical and training needs at different scales, individual researchers, labs, centers, institutes; and for different user abilities.#
  • Develop method for gathering/capturing use cases, when and why users chose not to participate*#

Large datasets

  • Watch for Dataverse functionality for integrating with e.g., TACC*#
  • Payment system for more space?

Inter-institutional collaborations

  • Account request for non-TDL users collaborating with researchers at TDL member institutions possibly with limited permissions to specific Sub-Dataverses*
  • Expand third-party authentication capabilities (OAuth2 Google log in)*
  • Work with IQSS at Harvard to refine access to specific Institutional and sub-dataverses#


  • Accessibility assessment#
  • Policy guidance for audio/visual material

Refine system functionality and documentation over time

  • Provide feedback to Dataverse Community*#
  • PII and HIPAA#
  • Integrations
    • ORCiD
    • OSF (follow the lead of the UVA work)
    • Vireo
    • OJS
    • DSpace
    • Chronopolis#

Present on/promote the repository at disciplinary conferences (not just library conferences)