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TDR Steering Committee Minutes for 2017, 2018, Jan - May 2019

TDR Webinars

  • Tomasz Miksa, Senior Researcher at SBA Research discusses external Dataverse tools. Slides | Recording
  • Sebastian Karcher, Associate Director of the Qualitative Data Repository at Syracuse University discusses the Qualitative Data Repository. Slides | Recording
  • Hannah Hadley from the Data Curation Network discusses Data Curation Primers: Collaborative Resources for Data Curators . Slides | Recording
  • Daniella Lowenberg, Research Data Specialist and Product Manager at California Digital Library, discusses the Make Data Count Project. Slides | Recording
  • Lisa R. Johnston, the Research Data Management/Curation Lead and director of the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM) at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Libraries, discussed the Data Curation Network and how it works "to enable data repositories to better support ethically share their research data in ways that make it findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR).
  • Eugene Barsky, Research Data Services Librarian at the University off British Columbia Library, discussed Geodisy, and open source project to expose Dataverse's geospatial data to GeoBlacklight for improved searching ability.
  • Jonathan Crabtree, Assistant Director for Cyberinfrastructure at The Odum Institute of UNC Chapel Hill, discusses remote storage for Dataverse. Slides | Recording
  • Amy Numberger, Program Head, Data Management Services at MIT Libraries, discusses how to leverage campus connections for RDM. Slides | Recording
  • Eric Kaltman, CLIR Fellow for Data Curation in the Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University Libraries, shares liaison workflows. Slides | Recording
  • Sherry Lake, Scholarly Repository Librarian at University of Virginia Libraries, discusses Open Science Framework (OSF) integration with Dataverse. Slides | Recording
  • Amber Leahey, University of Toronto Libraries, discusses recent grant funding and new features in Dataverse in the coming year. Slides | Recording
  • Sonia M. Barbosa, Manager of Data Curation and Acquisition for the Harvard Dataverse Project and Manager of the Murray Research Archive, discusses outreach to researchers to get more buy in and gatekeeping submissions to avoid messy metadata and private or sensitive data. Slides

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