Starting a new journal

Requesting a TDL-hosted journal

To request a TDL-hosted academic journal site in OJS, Journal Teams (or their institutional liaison) can submit an application for hosting to the TDL Helpdesk with the following information:

  • Name of journal

  • Slug for journal (an abbreviated form of the journal title that serves as part of the website URL after

  • Name and email address(es) for Journal Manager(s)

  • Purpose and scope of journal

  • Plan for publication, including publication frequency, information about your editorial board, journal staffing plans, and estimated timeline to first issue

  • Legacy information. Is this an existing journal with back issues that must be migrated? If so, how many issues? How many articles? In what format are are articles (e.g. PDF)? In what platform do the issues currently reside (e.g. Bepress journal, on a hard drive, etc.)?

  • Open Access policy

  • Language(s) used in the journal. Do you need support for special characters/diacritical marks?

Upon receipt of your request, TDL staff and your library’s liaison will review the application and notify you of approval or request further information.


TDL Member Institutions may provide free hosting and technical support for Open Access peer-reviewed journals through a subscription to TDL’s journal hosting service. Journals must meet the following criteria:

  • Journal Managers must be affiliated with a TDL member institution subscribed to the TDL Hosting Service. If journal management transfers to individuals affiliated with another institution, the sponsoring TDL Member Institution may choose to continue sponsorship of the journal at their discretion.

  • Journals are required to have a posted Open Access policy that provides free access to all or most published articles.

  • Student-run journals must be sponsored by a faculty member or academic department.

  • TDL does not provide hosting services to individuals or individual journals outside of institutional memberships.

  • Individual TDL Member Institutions may have additional eligibility requirements.

See for more detail.

Setting Up a New Journal: TDL Guidebook

For extensive information about starting a new journal in OJS, see