This page contains policies related to TDL’s DPLA Aggregation service.

Take-down requests

If necessary, institutions that contribute metadata to DPLA can request that records be removed from DPLA, for example in the case of a take-down request from a donor, copyright holder, or other party. Records are typically added or removed from DPLA during the standard quarterly harvest schedule, however individual records can be removed outside of that schedule when required. Upon request, DPLA will remove the record(s) from their search index, which removes the metadata and thumbnail image from the DPLA portal and metadata API.

TDL staff will communicate all take-down requests from our members to DPLA. To request removal of content from DPLA, contact TDL support by emailing support@tdl.org or submitting a Helpdesk ticket. Please include a link to the item(s) in DPLA when submitting a request.

DPLA attempts to address take-down requests as soon as possible, but will schedule them on a case-by-case basis based on the urgency of the request and DPLA staff’s existing workload. For example, an individual record that needs to be removed immediately (e.g. because of legal liability) may be acted on more quickly than one that should be removed but can be left online for a week or two. In some cases, DPLA may reschedule TDL’s next harvest to occur sooner, particularly if an entire collection needs to be removed from DPLA and the next harvest is relatively soon.