PKP Preservation Network

The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) has developed the PKP Preservation Network (PKP PN) to digitally preserve OJS journals like the ones that Texas Digital Library hosts. The LOCKSS program offers decentralized and distributed preservation, seamless perpetual access, and preservation of the authentic original version of the content. The PKP PN ensures that journals that are not part of any other digital preservation service (such as CLOCKSS or Portico) can be preserved for long-term access. More information is available here:


Criteria for inclusion

TDL-hosted journals in version or later can use the PKP Preservation Network free-of-charge to digitally preserve their journal content in this dark archive if they choose to, and if they meet the following criteria:

  • The journal must have an ISSN

  • The journal must have published at least one article

If your journal meets these criteria, you can have it preserved in the PKP PN by accepting the Terms of Use presented to you in the PKP Preservation Network Plugin.

How to Join

The PKP Plug-in is not installed by default in TDL-hosted OJS sites, but can be added upon request to the TDL Helpdesk ( If not configured for use, the plug-in causes error messages (in the form of “Null” notifications in the administrative dashboard).

  1. Find and enable the PKP Preservation Network Plugin. Find the plugin in the installed plugin list (Dashboard > Settings > Website > Plugins). Enable it, and open its settings to see the terms of use.

    screenshot showing the PKP PN Plugin in the list of available plugins.



  2. Agree to the terms of use. Review and, if you agree, click the checkbox next to each term of use. Save and you’re done.

screenshot showing the Terms of Use (also included as text on this wiki page).

Your journal’s content (retrospective and new) will be automatically added to the PKP PN after you have agreed to the Journal Terms. You will not need to take any further action. The only exception is that if the terms of use  change in the future, you will be asked to re-confirm your acceptance. In this situation, OJS will provide a notification to visit the PKP PN plugin’s administration page so you can agree to the updated Journal  Terms.

How do I know if it’s working?

You will know that the plugin is working to archive your journal’s contents in the PKP PN by looking at the “Status” page in the plugin.

When working as intended, the Status page will read “Network Status: The PKP PLN can accept deposits from this journal.” And a below that will be a list of the deposits transferred to the LOCKSS network. (See screenshot below.)

If it’s not working yet, you may see a status that reads “The PKP PLN does not know about this journal yet.” If that is the case, and you believe you have set up the plugin correctly, contact the TDL Helpdesk at for help.

More information about PKP PLN status messages is here:


For any support issues, please contact the TDL Helpdesk ( or post on our PKP Community Forum.

Journal Terms of Use (as of October 2020):

As Primary Contact I, in good faith, accept and confirm the following terms and conditions for participation in the Public Knowledge Project’s Preservation Network (PKP PN):

  1. I have the authority to include this journal’s content in a secure preservation network and, if and when necessary, to make the content accessible in the PKP PNN and its successors.

  2. I agree to allow the PKP PN to include this journal’s title and ISSN, and the email address of the Primary Contact, with the preserved journal content.

  3. I confirm that licensing information pertaining to articles in this journal is accurate at the time of publication.

  4. I acknowledge these terms may be revised from time to time and will supersede all previous versions.  I will be asked to review them and to agree to them in order to continue to include this journal’s content in the PKP PN.

  5. I agree not to violate any laws and regulations that may be applicable to the content.

  6. I agree to make every reasonable effort to inform the PKP PN in the event this journal ceases publication.  I acknowledge that PKP PN will also employ automated techniques to detect a potential trigger event and contact the journal to confirm their publication status.

  7. I agree that the PKP PN reserves the right, not to preserve or make content accessible.

  8. PKP reserves the right to use the aggregated content in the PKP PN for research and reporting purposes and will adhere to the norms of standard research procedures.