TCDL Conference Planning Committee

About the Conference Planning Committee

The TCDL committee is composed of representatives from TDL member institutions, who work with TDL staff to plan and coordinate the conference program and related events. The committee is recruited and overseen by an appointed chair and vice-chair, and includes supporting TDL staff including the executive team, Outreach Coordinator, and Administrative Associate. The vice-chair for the current year serves as the chair of the committee for the next year.

Committee Membership

TCDL 2024 Committee

  • Chair: Diane Lopez, UTSA

  • Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: Heidi Winkler, TTU

  • Ian Barba, TTU

  • Malynda Dalton, TAMIU

  • Susan Elkins, SHSU

  • Karina Franco, UTSA

  • Ginger Garza, TWU

  • Sylvia Jones, SMU

  • Colleen Lyon, UT Austin

  • Tom Lyons, UNTHSC

  • Marcia Macintosh, UNT

  • Paloma Graciani Picardo, UT

  • Joseph Pruett, ASU 

  • Phebe Raglin, TAMUCC

  • Jane Scott, UTSW

  • Adrian Shapiro, TWU

  • Jeremy Thompson, UT Austin

  • Meagan Hernandez, TDL

  • Kristi Park, TDL

  • Ke’ara Hunt, TDL

TCDL 2023 Committee

  • Chair: Christina Kellum, University of North Texas

  • Vice-Chair: Diane Lopez, University of Texas at San Antonio

  • Ammi Bui, University of Texas at San Antonio

  • Adrienne Cain, Baylor University

  • Mingyu Chen, University of Texas at Dallas

  • Aaron Choate, University of Texas at Austin

  • Lisa Cruces, Texas State University

  • Lea DeForest, Texas Digital Library

  • Susan Elkins, Sam Houston State University

  • Cynthia Henry, Texas Tech University

  • Gabrielle Hernandez, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley

  • Meagan Hernandez, Texas Digital Library

  • Sylvia Jones, Southern Methodist University

  • Colleen Lyon, University of Texas at Austin

  • Ima Oduok, Texas Digital Library

  • Phebe Raglin, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

  • Adrian Shapiro, Texas Woman’s University

  • Elliot Williams, Texas Digital Library

  • Heidi Winkler, Texas Tech University

Meet the 2023 Conference Committee.