DSpace Resources

This page includes links to resources provided by TDL as well as the global DSpace Open Source Community coordinated by Lyrasis.

TDL DSpace Resources

TDL members may request training from the TDL DSpace Training and Education Group via the TDL Helpdesk https://www.tdl.org/support/helpdesk/.

Additional resources:

The DSpace Open Source Community

The DSpace Course


This course is suitable for DSpace administrators or developers and includes 20 different modules on various topics. Each module comes with a set of PowerPoint slides and an associated student workbook. The course was created by Stuart Lewis (Dspace committer, developer and trainer), Chris Yates (DSpace developer, support provider and trainer) for the Repositories Support Project and has benefited from input by Claudia Jurgen (DSpace committer, developer and trainer).

The course materials are licensed by a Creative Commons ‘by-attribution sharealike’ license. This course was created by Repositories Support Project (http://www.rsp.ac.uk/) and was funded by JISC (http://www.jisc.ac.uk/).

Please note: The course is designed around an old version of DSpace (v.1.5) but many concepts are relevant to later versions.

DSpace Resources Wiki Page


This page identifies many useful DSpace resources developed by the community and provides an index and links to repository planning references, “how to” guides, community  mailing lists and other informative materials.

  1. Web Sites

            1.1 The DSpace.org information Web site

            1.2 The DSpace Wiki

            1.3 DSpace Demo Site

            1.4 DSpace Source Code / Downloads

            1.5 DSpace Issue Tracking, Feature Requests, and Patches

  1. Documentation and Guides

            2.1 DSpace System Documentation

            2.2 Translations

            2.3 Guides

            2.4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

            2.5 Technical Specifications

            2.6 Repository Planning

            2.7 Installing DSpace

            2.8 Customizing DSpace

            2.9 Developing with DSpace

            2.10 Documentation for New DSpace Administrators

  1. Mailing Lists

            3.1 English Lists

            3.2 Non-English Lists

  1. IRC Channels
  2. User Group Meetings

DuraSpace Web Events Archive


Web events related to DSpace including recordings and presentation slides. These webinars are part of the DuraSpace sponsored Hot Topics series.

Introducing DSpace 7

Hot Topic Series Fifteen: Introducing DSpace 7: Next Generation UI

DSpace for Data: Issues, solutions and challenges

Hot Topic Series Fifteen: DSpace 7: Next Generation UI

How to Contribute to DSpace - be part of the team!

Hot Topics Series Fifteen: DSpace 7: Next Generation UI