Costs (Preservation)

TDL Digital Preservation Services are available as a service module for Regular Members, or through a TDL Affiliate Membership. For more about Regular and Affiliate Memberships, visit

ChronopolisAmazon S3 StandardAmazon Glacier Flexible Retrieval
DP Services Module - Regular TDL Member

$2500/year plus one-time fee of $1000 onboarding

TDL Regular Member Annual Allocation2TB/year included with service fee
DP Services Affiliate Membership
$5000/year plus one-time fee of $1000 onboarding
TDL Affiliate Member Annual Allocation1TB/year included with service fee

Per TB costs (after allocation and/or for ingress/egress)

Annual Storage Fee per TB$150$285


Fee for Data In per TB$120$0$0
Fee for Data Out per TB$120$120$120