Preserving Sensitive Data in Distributed Digital Storage Networks - IMLS LG-34-19-0055-19

Thanks to a new IMLS planning grant, the Texas Digital Library (TDL), in collaboration with the University of California, San Diego Library (UCSD), is leading the charge to roadmap the first nationally distributed digital preservation service for sensitive data. 


Although distributed digital preservation (DDP) services have been offered in the United States for over a decade, no distributed service offering for sensitive data currently exists. As a result, sensitive data in the custody of libraries, health science centers, and archives are at an escalated risk of loss. The Preserving Sensitive Data in Distributed Digital Storage Networks project will develop a nationwide model for a DDP service that would close gaps in current preservation offerings for sensitive data. 

With the support of our project partners (see below), this award in the amount of  $87,384 will support the research and data gathering needed to model a nationwide distributed digital preservation service for private and sensitive content. Grant deliverables will include a report modeling the establishment of a DDP service in the United States for sensitive data, templates for legal agreements governing such a service, technical requirements for data transfer, and cost modeling scenarios. These deliverables will assist TDL and UCSD in enhancing their DDP offerings to include services for sensitive data and also help pave the way for other DDP services to do so as well. 


TDL is committed to make information related to the Preserving Sensitive Data project as transparent and accessible as possible. Here are a few ways you can stay up-to-date on our work:

Click here to download the full proposal narrative



Texas Digital Library would like to thank our home institution, UT Libraries at the University of Texas at Austin, for their exceptional support in managing the proposal and award process.

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services grant # LG-34-19-0055.