DPM Workshop and Other Community Resources

Digital Preservation Management (DPM) Workshop 

Digital Community Practice

Digital Archives and Preservation (DAP) Framework (PDF) (video)

Swiss Data Day 2020 Nance McGovern presentation: Leveraging Cross-Domain Collaboration for Sustainable Research Data Management (video) - presentation extends DAP to Research Data (or Records) Management

Radical Collaboration (RLI 296) (video) Includes: Introduction (with concepts and model), An Archivist’s Perspective, and Forward Together

DPM DP Standards and Practice resources

DPM Maturity Model: Five Stages (cheatsheet) and Three-legged Stool (cheatsheet) and 2003 Article

Capacity Building and Roles (video)

Requisite Costs and Examples (video)

Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Reference Model 2012 (cheatsheet) (video)

OAIS and the Five Stages - phases of aligning with OAIS (cheatsheet)

See also Supporting the Analysis and Audit of Collaborative OAIS’s Using an Outer OAIS-Inner OAIS (OO-IO) Model in the iPres 2014 Proceedings

based on Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification (TRAC) 2007, the RLG-National Archives and Records Administration Digital Repository Certification Task Force

DP Policy - see TDL Decision Tree: Do you have a DP policy?

Managing collections includes handshakes between:

Managing Physical Collections 

Transforming Physical/Analog to Digital

Managing Digital Content Workflow

DP Storage - - See TDL Decision Tree: Do you have a sense of your storage needs?

DPM Model: Five Stages and Three-legged Stool

Tutorial sections:


DPM Tutorial - updates pending 2024

Survey of Institutional Readiness - an example to adapt for use

Tutorial topics:

DPM Special Topics Videos

DP in Practice

DP services RASCI example

Other DP Resource Contributions

--Technology Responsiveness for Digital Preservation: A Model, McGovern, 2009 - warning: PhD thesis …

--“Building Capacity: Curriculum, Competencies, and Careers,” Part 3 of 2016

-- “Current Status of Trustworthy Systems,” (Preprint PDF) Chapter 10, Trustworthy Systems for Digital Objects: Theory and Practice


Toolkit content list:

Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation (ANADP) 2012 volume based on a conference in Estonia that addressed Legal, Organizational, Standards, Technical (aka technological), Economic, and Educational alignments considerations

Outer OAIS-Inner OAIS (OO-IO) Model - Zierau and McGovern, 2014 iPres Proceedings pp. 209-218

Other DP Community Resources

iPres 2024 (September 16-20) - look for online options)

Search for iPres papers

World Digital Preservation Day (Nov 2) - see blog posts and festive content

OSSArcFlow: Investigating, Synchronizing, and Modeling a Range of Archival Workflows for Born-Digital Content, including workflow examples from partners, Guide to Documenting Born-Digital Archive Workflows, videos, and learning modules.

Library Publishing Workflows Guide - Investigating and documenting journal publishing workflows in libraries, including blog posts; Preliminary Findings; Workflow Framework; Workflow Packets.

Resources for digital formats and content

Smithsonian Institution:

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