Data Management Resources

DMP Tool Templates

The DMPTool helps researchers create data management plans (DMP). It provides guidance from specific funders who require DMPs, but the tool can be used by anyone interested in developing generic DMPs to help facilitate their research. The tool also offers resources and services available at participating institutions to help fulfill data management requirements. The following templates are to provide guidance for these participating institutions which are responsible for data management support through their institutional DMPTool.

Texas Data Repository Data Management Plan Guidance

Data Management Plan Guidance for the Texas Data Repository

Texas Data Repository Member Data Management Plan Templates

TxState DMP Template

  • Suggested language for the sections of Data Sharing and Metadata of a DMP.

TAMU DMP Template

  • Guidance for writing many sections of the DMP, and suggesting language for Data Storage describing the Texas Data Repository.

Other Data Management Templates

Public Templates

  • A DMPTool sponsored site which shows funder requirements for many private funders and includes some sample plans and templates. However, researchers should always consult the program officers and policy documents directly for authoritative guidance.

National Science Foundation: NSF-BIO: Biological Sciences, Data Management Plan Template

National Science Foundation: NSF-EAR: Earth Sciences, Data Management Plan Template

Sample Data Usage Agreement

Template Document

LibGuides and Websites

The following are Texas Data Repository Member Libraries' Libguides and other websites focused on data management.