2021 Vireo User Group Virtual Annual Meeting Agenda

Registration: https://www.tdl.org/event/vireo-users-group-annual-virtual-meeting/


Oct 5, 2021 from 11AM to 2PM Central

Shared Notes Document

Shared community notes with multiple links and a link to the main slides:


  • @Kristi Park - TDL Executive Director

  • @Courtney C. Mumma - TDL Deputy Director

  • @frank smutniak - TDL Lead Vireo Developer

  • VUG Steering Committee

    • Emily Wuchner, co-chair

    • Billie Peterson-Lugo, co-chair

    • Christopher Starcher, Product Owner

    • Jon Crossno

  • Vireo User Group members

Discussion topics



Facilitator & Presenter(s)




Facilitator & Presenter(s)


11AM - 11:20AM

Welcome, Introductions & Nesting

TDL - Kristi Park


  • Housekeeping and agenda review

  • Introductions and polls

    • TDL

    • Vireo Steering Committee

    • Attendees (name and institution in chat)


Working with the Vireo Community

VUG-SC - Emily Wuchner

11:30AM - 12:20PM

Development and Migration

TDL - Frank Smutniak

VUG-SC - Billie Peterson-Lugo (Baylor), Christopher Starcher (Texas Tech), Jon Crossno (UTSW-Med)


  • Vireo Development Activity

  • Training and documentation

    • New wiki & deprecated website (vireoetd.org)

    • Vireo 4 materials for transitioning

  • Migration status and process

  • Migration experiences and discussion

  • Q&A

12:20PM - 12:35PM



Turn off your video and mic and take a break

12:35PM - 12:40PM





TDL Governing Board investments towards Vireo

Courtney Mumma, TDL

  • Web accessibility remediation (DEIA) - TDL staff capacity and expertise is insufficient to conduct an adequate accessibility assessment and remediate code in the open source software central to our services. While the Board has set aside an initial $10,000 in the FY2021 budget year to contract for ADA review, this new initiative would invest additional one-time monies to fund the creation of Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) for each service and any necessary software development for remediation of software applications to come into compliance with WCAG guidelines. As the open source home for Vireo, TDL is particularly keen to exhibit a strong commitment to its compliance with accessibility guidelines.

  • Vireo Sustainability consultation - To host and develop Vireo, TDL currently relies on Executive staff and one Software Engineer working with an all-volunteer Steering Committee and very few additional community volunteer developers. There is a need for outside expertise to sustain the open source system and community, as well as expand the service usage and income base. This initiative would fund a contractor to conduct an assessment and make recommendations for long-term sustainability actions. While this initial investment is small, it might result in additional funding needs to enact recommendations of the consultant.

  • Diversity Residency (DEIA) - Currently, no TDL programs explicitly support minoritized professionals and students. A TDL Diversity Residency, using the UT Libraries’ model of residency in partnership with the ACRL Diversity Alliance model, would allow TDL to hire a resident for three years to an entry-level equivalent position. Distinguishing it from the UTL residency and other programs, this residency would be focused on digital library work exclusively. The TDL resident would work in a cohort with other residents at UT Libraries.

12:50PM- 1:30PM

Vireo Futures Discussion

VUG-SC - Christopher Starcher

TDL - Frank Smutniak


  • VUG Wishlist from attendees (collected throughout the meeting via chat)

1:30PM - 2PM

Q&A and Discussion



Action items