2020 Vireo User Group Virtual Annual Meeting Agenda


Jun 16, 2020 from 11AM to 2PM Central


Shared Notes Document

Shared community notes with multiple links and a link to the main slides are here


  • @Kristi Park - TDL Executive Director

  • @Courtney C. Mumma - TDL Deputy Director

  • @frank smutniak - TDL Lead Vireo Developer

  • VUG Steering Committee

    • Emily Wuchner, co-chair

    • Billie Peterson-Lugo, co-chair

    • Christopher Starcher, Product Owner

    • Jon Crossno

  • Vireo User Group members

Discussion topics



Facilitator & Presenter(s)




Facilitator & Presenter(s)


11AM - 11:20AM

Welcome, Introductions & Nesting

TDL - Kristi Park, Courtney Mumma


  • Housekeeping and agenda review

  • Special thanks

  • Add wishlist items to chat throughout, discussion at end

  • Introductions and polls

    • TDL

    • Vireo Steering Committee

    • Attendees (name and institution in chat)

11:20AM - 12:20PM

Vireo 4 Updates

TDL - Frank Smutniak and Courtney Mumma

VUG-SC - Billie Peterson-Lugo (Baylor), Christopher Starcher (Texas Tech), Jon Crossno (UTSW-Med)

TDL Member Pilots

  • What’s new in Vireo 4? - Billie Peterson-Lugo

  • Development and migration functionality status - Frank Smutniak and Chris Starcher

  • Feedback from TDL Pilots - Jon Crossno, Taylor Davis-Van Atta (UH) and Shelley Barba (TTU)

  • Rollout of TDL upgrades and training materials - Courtney Mumma

  • Q&A

12:20PM - 12:35PM



Turn off your video and mic and take a break

12:35PM - 1:20PM

Vireo Futures Discussion

TDL - Frank Smutniak

VUG-SC - Christopher Starcher

  • Short term development goals

    • bug fixes and code improvements

    • user interface improvements

    • facilitating developer contributions and user feedback on roadmap

    • expanded deployment options

  • Longer term development goals

    • expanded user interface changes

    • develop component microservices

  • VUG Wishlist from attendees (collected throughout the meeting via chat)

1:20PM - 1:35PM

Q&A and Discussion



Action items