2023 Vireo User Group Virtual Annual Meeting Agenda

Registration: Vireo User Group Annual Meeting


Oct 9, 2023 from 10AM to Noon Central


Shared Notes Document

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  • @Kristi Park - TDL Executive Director

  • @Courtney C. Mumma - TDL Deputy Director

  • @frank smutniak - TDL Lead Vireo Developer

  • VUG Steering Committee

    • Emily Wuchner, co-chair

    • Billie Peterson-Lugo, co-chair

    • Christopher Starcher, Product Owner

    • Jon Crossno

  • Vireo User Group members

Discussion topics




Facilitator & Presenter(s)




Facilitator & Presenter(s)


10 - 10:15

Welcome, Introductions & Nesting

TDL Executive Director - Kristi Park


  • Housekeeping and agenda review

  • Introductions and polls

    • TDL

    • Vireo Steering Committee

    • Poll for Attendees (name and institution in chat)

10:15 - 10:45

Status of Vireo 4.x

TDL Vireo Service Manager, Courtney Mumma, with Frank Smutniak (lead Vireo developer) and Christopher Starcher (TTU, VUG SC Product owner)

  • Vireo Development Activity

  • TDL Service migration status and process

10:45 - 11

Accessibility Improvements

Christopher Starcher

Discussion of accessibility improvements during the Spring Vireo sprints

11 - 11:05



Turn off your video and mic and take a break

11:05 - 11:20

Sustainability Audit

Courtney Mumma

Report by OTS

Product manager position


Call for feedback on outstanding development issues

Christopher Starcher

  • Explanation of issues needing your feedback

  • LINK Google form for feedback

  • Tutorial

    • How to give feedback, report bugs, suggest features

11:45- Noon

Open Floor Q&A

VUG-SC - Chris, Billie, Emily, Jon, Courtney

TDL - Frank and Kristi


  • Open discussion about Vireo experiences

  • Q&A about anything covered today

Action items