Deposit Locations


Vireo allows administrative Managers to configure one or more repositories as destinations for published ETDs.   This area is provides technical specifications for publishing. 

Add a Deposit Location

Click Add Deposit Location and a popup window (see below) will appear where you can add information about the deposit location.

Location Name

The label for this deposit location that will appear in the “Deposit Locations” list.


The type of IT protocol used to transfer the document(s) from Vireo to the repository. Note: The chosen protocol will affect the meaning/encoding of other fields in this window, such as Repository location. Because Texas Digital Library member installations use the SWORD protocol, the remainder of the definitions here will refer to deposit locations utilizing SWORD.


The metadata schema to be used in the deposit. For SWORD deposits into DSpace, this format must be configured to be available in DSpace; therefore, it is recommended that DSpace METS is chosen.

Repository Location 

The URL of the deposit location.  If using SWORD, this URL should be for the Service Document that describes the repository’s SWORD interface.

If using SWORD to deposit into DSpace version 6.x, the URL will be:


Where sword-webapp is the location where your DSpace SWORD web application is deployed. If using DSpace 1.8 or higher you need to specify the SWORD version1 webapp. Vireo does not support SWORD version2 at this time.

For DSpace version 7.x, the location of the SWORD Service Document is HTTP://[HOSTNAME]/server/[SWORD-WEBAPP]/SERVICEDOCUMENT.

Collection (Please get collections)  

Select the collection in DSpace where the deposit should be placed

Repository Timeout

This setting controls the number of seconds that Vireo will try to connect to DSpace (or another deposit location) before it closes the connection. The default value is 60.

Username and password

The administrative username and password used to access the SWORD service document

On Behalf Of

The name of the person who will be recorded as making the deposit. This field can be left blank.

Test connection & find available collections button

Click this to ensure that the deposit will work. If it is functional, a list of available collections in the repository will appear in the COLLECTION drop down menu.

Publishing ETDs to the repository when you have multiple deposit locations

If you have multiple deposit locations (i.e. repositories) configured, you will be asked to choose the destination repository each time you publish an ETD. (See Batch Update Status instructions.)