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DSpace ResourcesPresents a list of external (non-TDL) educational, reference, and how-to resources on DSpace; includes webpages & documentation, slides, and videos.
Submissions and ApprovalStep-by-step walkthrough of adding content to DSpace (NOTE: users must have Submitter or Administrator role in the Collection in order to submit content; there must also be a Collection established within the repository)
LicensingBrief discussion of the distribution license in DSpace (which submitters must grant in order to
add content); includes UT Austin’s license as an example
Creating Communities and CollectionsDiscusses and demonstrates how to create communities, subcommunities, and collections, the
building blocks/organizational containers of DSpace repositories
Groups, Users, and Roles Discusses and demonstrates how to assign different levels of content management
authorizations to individuals and groups
Relationships in DSpace: Repository StructureProvides guidance on setting up the hierarchy of communities/subcommunities and collections
in DSpace
WorkflowsExpanded discussion of the use of Roles to establish reviewing and quality control for
submissions to the repository
Item MapperIf an item needs to appear in more than one place in the repository, the Item Mapper allows
creation of shortcuts for this purpose (rather than adding multiple copies of the same object,
then having to edit & maintain all the separate copies)
Withdrawing, Deleting, and Making Items PrivateDiscusses the three levels of “removal” of material from a repository: Withdraw (these items can
be reinstated); Delete (expunges the item completely & irreversibly); and Make Private (hides
the item; it remains in the collection but is only visible to people with Administrator privileges)
Moving ItemsDemonstration of relocating objects from one collection to a different collection within the
same repository