Dataverse Naming Protocols

The following directives for naming collections and repositories using the Dataverse software were issued in early 2021 by the lead software developers at Harvard University. Please follow these guidelines when creating and managing your Dataverse collections.


Dataverse naming protocols

  • Use “Dataverse” as an adjective, not as a noun.

  • Capitalize the term “Dataverse” whenever it is used in the text.

  • Use “Dataverse installation” or “Dataverse repository” when referring to cases where an institution has downloaded the Dataverse software and installed it locally.

  • Use “Dataverse collection” when referring to a grouping of datasets within a Dataverse repository (instead of using lower case "dataverse"). Examples are “journal Dataverse collection,” “AJPS Dataverse collection,” and “Gary King Dataverse collection.” If there is one Dataverse collection that is a child of another Dataverse collection, it can be called a Dataverse sub-collection or child Dataverse collection.

  • Use “Dataverse software” when referring to the downloadable code and packages hosted in GitHub or when someone is making a pull request. An example is “a PR against the develop branch of the Dataverse software.”